Inspiration and Feng Shui
Today, with the growth of international travel, the physical borders between East and West have almost disappeared. Anton is inspired by Asian design combining with modern advances in technology from the West and he explores the influences and inspiration that lies behind the styles of each. He views colour, fabric, texture and objects as strands in a broad sweep of decorative influence that embrace Asian design through a blending of era, cultures and styles with the West. Rather than recreating the look of a particular country, Anton incorporates elements from different cultures and styles in his designs as well as incorporating Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is all about understanding the way you interact with your environment. Because your home has one of the biggest influences on your life, Feng Shui tends to focus in practise on people’s living spaces. This also applies to other areas such as your office, your garden, or any space where you like to spend time. Because Anton understands the vital connection of Feng Shui, he can subtly change those things that influence you most and therefore change the way you feel to become more positive, more alert and more alive.