About Anton

Anton was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. He went to Triksati University where he studied a degree in accountancy. Following graduation, he worked for an accountancy firm but soon realised that this was not for him as he has a passion for design and architecture which are central to his life. He is intrigued by the prospect of creating environments and buildings that meet society’s needs and life style.

He moved to Bali where he worked for a firm of architects and interior designers. His skills were limited in Bali, so he decided to move to England and take a Foundation Degree in Interior Design followed by a BA (Hons) degree in 3D Furniture and Interior Design at Plymouth University UK where his talent for artistry and design were complemented.

His degree course, together with overseas travel has allowed his interest in design to flourish. He is inspired by buildings such as IM Pei’s Louvre work in Paris, Gaudi’s Cathedral in Barcelona as much as temple design and culture in the Far East such as Thailand and Bali. He studied design throughout the ages, from ancient Greece to the 21st century and he particularly likes contemporary buildings and interior design elements such as colours, textures, etc

For his thesis, he wrote about bringing Asian interior design to Europe including its propensity for outdoor living. England, as many will know, has a climate that ‘always seems to be raining or cold’. Such weather is hardly conducive to outdoor living. So, he has moved to Spain where he feels his passion is more fulfilled.

As well as his knowledge of Western styles in Interior Design, his background and knowledge of South Eastern Asian Design; culture and philosophy are something that he is interested in bringing to his work. With his own personal study of Asian history design, he can create an international style of East meets West by combining eastern styles and philosophy with contemporary western design.